Following in the footsteps of the football league!

by George Julian

Disclaimer: I should start by warning you, or reassuring you, that my knowledge of football is far inferior to my knowledge of curry and that is about the only mention of football that this blog is likely to see!

Birmingham meet up: Last week Social Care Curry Club had it’s inaugural meeting, at Al Faisals, nestled smack in the middle of Birmingham’s balti triangle. Al Faisals was a great, authentic curry house that has set a high standard for future meet-ups. The food was fresh, tasty and served in huge portions and best of all it was really reasonably priced.

Who was there: We were a small but perfectly formed group, most of us had arranged to meet using twitter, but Elissa and Clare bravely just turned up on the evening and it was great to have a couple of surprise guests! You can see our lovely gang below, L-R from the front are Eddie, Andrea, Peter, Lorna, Matt, Guy, Elissa and Clare and I was hiding behind the camera.IMG_5758

What on earth did you talk about with all these strangers? First up, they’re not strangers, they’re just curry lovers you’ve yet to meet! If the first evening was anything to go by then if you were hoping to give your social care grey cells a work out, you wouldn’t be too disappointed but you might need to work hard to put the effort in to keeping people on track! So the words comprehensive spending review, budget cuts, integration, personalisation and safeguarding were all uttered, however they were just part of the conversation, alongside lots about who people were, why they loved social care, their preferences and love for curry and so on. If you’re looking for somewhere to cram for your forthcoming social care exam this might not be it, but if you’d like to crack a joke about Putting Pilau First (all credit to Richard Webb for that one) with people who understand why that is funny then this is the place for you! Let’s face it there aren’t too many social situations that let you crack social care jokes!

Hmmm, I’m still not sure about all this! That’s ok, we don’t blame you, we all take a bit of convincing. We think the best way to find out whether Social Care Curry Club is the right social for you is by coming along and giving it a go. The next meet up will take place on Thursday 5 September and so far it looks like there will be gatherings in Glasgow, London, Birmingham, somewhere north of Birmingham and south of Scotland, and somewhere in the Westcountry. Put the date in your diary now, follow this blog or follow us on twitter, and we’ll keep you posted as the details emerge. Take a look at the about page for answers to commonly asked questions.

Hang on, don’t disappear, what’s the title all about? Well, during the evening it was proudly proclaimed that all good things start in Birmingham and the evidence offered to back this bold claim came in the form of the example of the Football League (it’s true, wikipedia says so). Whether Social Care Curry Club will follow in the same footsteps only time will tell, but for now we are up and running. Thank you to Al Faisals for great food and thank you for those intrepid social care curry lovers who came along last week, hope to see you all again soon.