Meet our volunteer hosts

by George Julian

Hosts SeptWe thought that some of you might like to know a little more about your hosts before meeting them on the 5th September, we do understand how daunting it might be to turn up for a curry with perfect strangers. All of these lovely folk volunteered (or were press ganged into) playing host on the evening. Don’t expect too much though, we’ve asked them to liaise with the curry houses and turn up on time to meet and greet, then the rest of the magic is over to you.

Today we’d like to introduce you to (L->R) Angela, Amanda, Carey, Lorna, Peter and Susan. We asked all hosts the same three questions and what follows is their responses:

1) What’s your favourite curry?
2) What are you hoping to get from the night?
3) If you weren’t at your own eat-up where would you most like to be?

Angela (Leeds) @CommCats
1. Something hottish with chicken and ideally also involving chickpeas and/or spinach. Naan not rice.

2. A chance to meet some new people (many of whom are twitter ‘friends’ who I have never met in person) and to enjoy a nice meal. Hopefully some interesting discussions leading to connections made and lessons learned.

3. Ooooh Glasgow definitely…I love Scotland (well unless anyone is covering the cost of a plane ticket to Canada…or indeed extending the Westminster club to gobby, opinionated northerners!)

Amanda (Manchester) @AMLTaylor66
1. Tikka Masala

2. Continuation of connectivity established through twitter and JSWEC – to develop the cohesiveness of the social work, social care, voice.

3. At a UK wide curry club that could be live streamed and tweeted from – I would like it to look like Proms in the Park if we couldn’t be together!

Carey (Manchester) @Carey_Bamber
1. My favourite curry is Palak Paneer.

2. I am looking forward to seeing 20 plus folks in lively discussion about social care in one of my favourite restaurants.

3. It I wasn’t at the eat-up I would be at pilates!

Lorna (Birmingham) @Dosticen
1. Anything with chickpeas or lentils, e.g. chana puri, makhni dal … yum yum!

2. In terms of intellectual stimulation I’d like to explore the (growing?) overlapping ground between social care and community based work – issues such as social connectedness, individual and collective resilience etc. In terms of making and building relationships I hope to meet people who are lovely (for example at the first Birmingham Social Care Curry Club meet up I met Peter, who is lovely) and I hope to get to know people better that I know a little bit in a work context, for example at the aforementioned Birmingham meet up I spent 3 hours in the pub afterwards with Matt and George – and perhaps got to know them (and about cats) more than anticipated!

3. I’d like to join the folk in Vancouver, mostly because the focus of their conversation is more in my work field (they are discussing community and how we build community). However I’d need to borrow the Tardis, as I took a no flight pledge many years ago for environmental reasons, so sadly I’m very unlikely to ever visit Vancouver.

Peter (Cardiff) @Spinjay
1. I am a fan of most curries and willing to give anything a try. However if pushed to say one outright leader, I am partial to a Lamb Rogan Josh.

2.  I am looking forward to sharing some good food and meeting some good people interested in social care and putting the world (well Wales) to right!

3. If I was not heading to the social care curry evening I would probably be relaxing on the sofa watching Alan Partridge and trying to quote as much as possible “Ah-ha”.

Susan (Brighton) @SocialWkBalance
1. My standard ‘available everywhere’ curry is chicken dhansak but my greatest love is southern indian food of any kind – just like we’ll be having at the Brighton meet up!

2. Tandoori zeera swordfish, alleppey prawn moilee, lacha paratha …..oh, and some great company!

3. At a hostelry in Hove with my partner and mad pooch – but I am giving it all up for Social Care Curry.