An ode to Social Care Curry Club #socialcarecurry

by George Julian

One of our lovely Manchester hosts, Amanda, has written an ode! We wanted to take the opportunity to share it with you….uploaded from an airport lounge so apologies for any duff formatting!!

Social Care Curry Club has landed Up North,
27 in numbers who’d a thought.

How did this happen, why are we here,
Well again it’s a result of our digital sphere.

Two tweeting enthusiasts, George and Matt
Knew how to nurture social care chat.

And starting from this dynamic two
Their great idea just grew and grew.

Now lovers of curry and social care
Tonight are meeting everywhere.

All major cities in the UK
And as far afield as Vancouver way.

So make your choice then tuck right in
And tween each mouthful wag your chin

To share your views on social care.
Informed discussion and tasty fayre.