Social Care Curry Club NCASC

by George Julian

This is a short post to let you all know about a special edition, one off Social Care Curry Club happening next month in Harrogate. NCASC, the National Children and Adult Services Conference, is taking place from 16-18 October. Organised by the LGA (Local Government Association), ADASS (Association of Directors of Social Services) and ADCS (Association of Directors of Children’s Services), the conference is billed as being ‘widely recognised as the most important annual event of its kind for councillors, directors, senior officers, policymakers and service managers with responsibilities for children’s services, adult care and health in the statutory, voluntary and private sectors’.

I’m sure it won’t surprise you to hear that we thought short and swiftly about whether the format of curry club would translate well to a conference group. What we decided was that it is very important to us that the ethos of Social Care Curry Club remains the same, wherever and whenever it happens – so everyone is welcome, no hierarchies, proper curry, no selling. The only attendance criteria remains: Love curry, love social care, you’re in.

Obviously lots of people will have already made their own arrangements, but for those who haven’t we thought we’d give it a whirl. This also means that if you’re local to Harrogate, meet the criteria and fancy coming along, then please do, you are more than welcome. NCASC provided the opportunity to meet for curry, it is not a requirement that you are attending the conference to attend.IMG_5761

We’ve no idea if having curry alongside a conference will work and we should point out that this is in no way endorsed by, or linked to, NCASC. It is simply us taking the opportunity to get together, at very least Matt and I will have curry with each other, but hopefully many others will join us too. If you’d like to book then you know what to do – visit eventbrite and reserve your space now. Capacity in the restaurant is limited so tickets are available on a first come, first served basis and to make it as accessible as possible we have a £12 per person meal, plus drinks on top. Hope to see you there.