Calling all hosts – 4 September 2014 eat up

by George Julian

It’s that time of year again and we’re on the look out for hosts for our September eat-up. Our last eat-up in June saw 15 groups gather across the UK and since then we’ve had a one-off eat-up that coincided with the JSWEC Conference last month. We’ve also celebrated our first birthday!! Not that we did anything except blog about it – you can read it here, and it includes my take on the secret of our success!!

Anyhow, back to September. If you’d like to host on Thursday 4 September, it’s the same drills as always – please add a comment to this blog post, with your name, your co-host if you have one (we will crowdsource you one if you don’t), your suggested venue/location. The comments will be made public so don’t include your email address or anything you’d like kept private.

Our requirements are minimal. Ideally eat-ups start at the same time everywhere 19:30 (but you can alter this if you must, however the time was set in conjunction with previous attendees), we prefer it if no more than one of the two hosts have hosted before – this allows us to spread the host role and build capacity/a network of people who have hosted. We also ask that venues are accessible. You can read more detail here.


Please get sharing and volunteering. Please feel free to offer on twitter too but please do comment here so we have all offers in one place. Please also offer again even if you’ve mentioned it in passing to Matt or myself, because we both have brains like sieves and will have probably forgotten!

Once we have a number of hosts we’ll add the booking pages to eventbrite. It’s up to you then to do the promotion. Thank you curriers.

ps We will also have another stand alone Social Care Curry Club at NCASC this year in Manchester… this space.