What’s it all about?

I’d like to come, how do I book? Visit eventbrite to save your space here.

Membership criteria: We’re not fussy! If you are interested in adult social care and curry you are in!

How much does it cost to participate? The cost of your curry. This is a coalition of the willing. Your bright ideas and time are welcome.

Frequency? Once a quarter (ish)

Location? Curry without borders. The curry club will rotate around the UK on the strength of local recommendations. There was so much interest in the curry club, and so many people who wanted to attend one that we have decided to hold a number of eat-ups on the same evening to facilitate people getting to one geographically close to them. All welcome.

How will it work in practice? We will start in Birmingham and use Eventbrite for folk to book a place. This will ensure we have enough space in the restaurant. Followers of @socialcarecurry will determine the next location. See above, followers vote on their preferred location, but we have several.

Do I have to go to all of them? Nope. Go when it suits you.

Is there a plan for the evening? There will be no presentations or key note speeches. All you have to do is chat and eat curry. If this works well there is the possibility of a trip to the pub afterwards. If it doesn’t, run like the wind! The curry club is a gathering of folks who wish to discuss and debate, no-one attends as as a representative of an organisation or group, so lift all that baggage off at the door and collect in on the way out when you have a nice full tummy and brain.

Can I come if I want to sell stuff to people? Nope. You can share ideas. Selling stuff could ruin a good curry and we can’t compromise the curry.

Is it true celebrities are coming? Yes absolutely. Actually no – absolutely not.

What should I do if I am a quiet and nervous sort? Come anyway, there will always be someone nominated to meet and greet, and Matt and George never stop talking!

What do I do if I don’t like curry? To our knowledge there is a gap in the market for a social care club for every other world cuisine. So knock yourselves out sisters and brothers!

I don’t know @MattBowsher1 or @GeorgeJulian why should I trust them? They may steal my shoes on arrival. George has had intensive support and no longer does this. Matt has clown sized feet so they probably wouldn’t fit anyway.

Any other questions then leave a comment or send us a tweet. We look forward to seeing you for curry soon.